Friday, March 6, 2009

Lorick New York After Party at INVEN.TORY

Lorick’s Fashion Week after party, organized by A5E Productions, was held at INVEN.TORY’s newest (and unfinished) location. INVEN.TORY’s space, opening Monday, March 16th, had a very rough and industrial feel. The contrast with Loricks tailored and feminine designs, worn by graceful models, was drastic. Abigail Lorick, the beautiful model turned designer, is an image of femininity and elegance, which is translated into her designs. The collection, featuring large shapes, layers, and a variety of different textures, contained pieces that were overly simple yet beautifully detailed. Launched in 2007, her collection quickly gained recognition because of her feature on the hit show Gossip Girl. One of the main selling points of Lorick’s designs is that a woman can go from day to night while wearing one sophisticated and elegant style.

As shown in the below photographs, well-dressed guests mingled and sipped pink cocktails and bottles of 1947 Beer. A black painted bathtub filled with ice served as makeshift fridge, and DJ Errol mixed beats that kept the crowd partying until sunrise.

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