Thursday, March 19, 2009

Everyday Should be Cheap Monday

The design quartet behind Cheap Monday and the Customized Jeans Tour are just a few of the up and coming young designers INVEN.TORY will be featuring. After talking with two of designers, I gained a clear idea of who Cheap Monday really is. Örjan, Karl, Karin, Peter started it all in Stockholm, Sweden after the birth of two stores, Weekend and Weekday. Feeling that some of the designs they were selling were too expensive, they decided to launch their own brand--Cheap Monday. Örjan, the founder, and Carl both design the jeans. Peter designs menswear tops and Karin is in charge of women’s' tops. Peter and Karin told me that the customized jeans tour actually began as an experiment and turned into something unexpectedly bigger. After designing a few customized jeans and having them sell out within hours, Cheap Monday knew they had found their niche. The customized jeans are indeed custom—each pair is one of a kind and individually numbered (numbers 201 through 250 are on sale in New York). The jeans are punched, sandpapered, patched, treated and washed to create the unique designs. Beginning in Stockholm and continuing on through Copenhagen, Berlin, London, and New York, the tour continues through Australia and Hong Kong. The designers won't be traveling past New York—the last 100 pairs of jeans will be making a solo appearance. The team would love to continue on their travels, but they have been gone for too long as it is. However insistent they were to get back to Sweden and commence their designing, Karin and Peter were extremely happy to be in New York. When asked why they chose to stop in the Big Apple on the tour, they both agreed that it was a pretty obvious stop, like London. "One of the major fashion capitals of the world just couldn’t be skipped," said Karin. And of course, Cheap Monday is extremely excited about getting their collection in the United States. They stated that every brand wants to make it big in the U.S., regardless of who they are or what they sell. Regarding Cheap Mondays’ low price point ($70 per pair of jeans); they said they are entirely committed to keeping the clothing at an affordable price. They claimed that keeping the brand new and interesting is what is most important to them, and other designers are capable of charging less than they actually do. Keeping Cheap Monday affordable is just one of their motivations; however their inspirations behind their designs change each season. This season is based on a “Berlin city feeling.” And if you haven’t seen their collection yet, this feeling is definitely portrayed throughout their line. With bright colors, rips and tears, and completely wearable clothing, Cheap Monday is definitely here to stay. As far as the rumors about H&M, they are only partially true. H&M purchased 60% of Cheap Monday, and they plan to purchase the rest in a few years, but this hasn’t affected the designers’ positions. They still have all the freedom they had before they were sold, and Cheap Monday will not be sold in H&M stores. Currently, Cheap Mondays’ entire line is available at INVEN.TORY. For a complete list of where their clothing can be purchased, please view our Facebook page.

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