Thursday, March 26, 2009

In Store for Idol Radec

In the world we live in, the supply of new and cutting edge can hardly keep up with its demand. Fashion designers like Kazuyuki Kumagai and Rick Owens were showing all sorts of modern, avant-garde designs for the Fall 2009 season, but not the clever minds at Idol Radec. The trio of designers, Nick Thomas, Scott Barclay, and David Hickman, kept things simple, resorting to classic Americana, showing looks that would make Gregory Peck jealous. Idol Radec's clothing eliminate the feverish hunt for the precise craftsmanship and authenticity of times gone by, back when things were well made and and timeless. For them, the nostalgia of their own heritage is a cornerstone for their neo-vintage aesthetic. In fact, the designers were inspired by their own old family albums, digging back to the grainy black and white pasts of generations before them- vacationing, at parties-- captured images of those long-gone lifestyles. And that's exactly what Idol Radec is all about, as Nick Thomas puts it, "a lifestyle". "We're not trying to change fashion, we're not trying to be on trend. We just do what we think looks good; what looks put together." And he has the clothes to back it up. Idol Radec took everything you love about your dad's and grandfather's vintage pieces, and tweaked them to make the fit perfect, and the details even better. The clothes are completely wearable and effortless, almost unbearably chic, but with sex appeal too, the kind of sexy that makes a girl bite her lower lip. "An Idol Radec man is a tastemaker, someone who takes pride in the way he looks," says Nick Thomas. Reviving classic Americana like shawl collar sweaters, James Dean worthy pea coats, chambray shirts, and even skinny 1950's bowties, Idol Radec calls back to the time of a simpler, more idealistic America, an escape from the daunting problems that fill our modern, cluttered lives.

"Everything is a risk; especially for what we do, wh"You just do what you think is right." Idol Radec is doing what's right all across the board, not just in their pieces, but also in their ethics. Seventy percent of their clothing isere there's no structure or formula," says Thomas. made in the United States, thus creating jobs, and reducing their ecological footprint. These boys take pride in their country, and want to see people taking pride in themselves. Their price points are not outrageous- they are trying to keep under the radar, so to speak; to remain more conservative in a time where people are sticking to necessities, to pieces that will last, and that can be worn over and over. Idol Radec's clothing is so timeless and so well made that not to buy from them would be a bad investment.

While the line is California based, where all three designers were raised, it is undeniably "New York"- in aesthetic, in attitude and in its prowess. The designers stick to their roots, choosing to stay in California in order to "take things slow" and "gain a following". Idol Radec has already gained a following in the likes of Bloomingdales, who noticed Idol Radec after the brand put their Spring 09 collection in a SoHo pop up store. Bloomie's liked them so much, in fact, that Idol Radec is now being sold at their SoHo and 59th Street locations in New York, and in San Francisco, California. So now you too can get your classic Americana fix, right after you lace up your Alden's and get your scruff shaved at Freeman's Sporting Club. Here's looking at you, kid.
The above was written by Haley Bell from Ethan James Group. Pictures are from fall/winter '09 lookbook.

Racking it up at INVEN.TORY

Check out our writeup on Not only do they give us a ton of praise, but they have some pretty awesome pictures too.

Monday, March 23, 2009

INVEN.TORY Made the Cut

Check out New York Magazines article about INVEN.TORY on their fashion page. You can also see some pictures of their favorite finds, now available at 237 Lafayette Street.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Everyday Should be Cheap Monday

The design quartet behind Cheap Monday and the Customized Jeans Tour are just a few of the up and coming young designers INVEN.TORY will be featuring. After talking with two of designers, I gained a clear idea of who Cheap Monday really is. Örjan, Karl, Karin, Peter started it all in Stockholm, Sweden after the birth of two stores, Weekend and Weekday. Feeling that some of the designs they were selling were too expensive, they decided to launch their own brand--Cheap Monday. Örjan, the founder, and Carl both design the jeans. Peter designs menswear tops and Karin is in charge of women’s' tops. Peter and Karin told me that the customized jeans tour actually began as an experiment and turned into something unexpectedly bigger. After designing a few customized jeans and having them sell out within hours, Cheap Monday knew they had found their niche. The customized jeans are indeed custom—each pair is one of a kind and individually numbered (numbers 201 through 250 are on sale in New York). The jeans are punched, sandpapered, patched, treated and washed to create the unique designs. Beginning in Stockholm and continuing on through Copenhagen, Berlin, London, and New York, the tour continues through Australia and Hong Kong. The designers won't be traveling past New York—the last 100 pairs of jeans will be making a solo appearance. The team would love to continue on their travels, but they have been gone for too long as it is. However insistent they were to get back to Sweden and commence their designing, Karin and Peter were extremely happy to be in New York. When asked why they chose to stop in the Big Apple on the tour, they both agreed that it was a pretty obvious stop, like London. "One of the major fashion capitals of the world just couldn’t be skipped," said Karin. And of course, Cheap Monday is extremely excited about getting their collection in the United States. They stated that every brand wants to make it big in the U.S., regardless of who they are or what they sell. Regarding Cheap Mondays’ low price point ($70 per pair of jeans); they said they are entirely committed to keeping the clothing at an affordable price. They claimed that keeping the brand new and interesting is what is most important to them, and other designers are capable of charging less than they actually do. Keeping Cheap Monday affordable is just one of their motivations; however their inspirations behind their designs change each season. This season is based on a “Berlin city feeling.” And if you haven’t seen their collection yet, this feeling is definitely portrayed throughout their line. With bright colors, rips and tears, and completely wearable clothing, Cheap Monday is definitely here to stay. As far as the rumors about H&M, they are only partially true. H&M purchased 60% of Cheap Monday, and they plan to purchase the rest in a few years, but this hasn’t affected the designers’ positions. They still have all the freedom they had before they were sold, and Cheap Monday will not be sold in H&M stores. Currently, Cheap Mondays’ entire line is available at INVEN.TORY. For a complete list of where their clothing can be purchased, please view our Facebook page.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

INVEN.TORY is Looking for PR, Business, Design, & Fashion Majors

INVEN.TORY is currently hiring interns for their newest location in the heart of Nolita. Must be able to work at least eight hours per week. Looking for PR, business, design, and fashion majors who want to gain some real life experience. While this internship is unpaid, you will gain unparalleled experience and learn all aspects of the retail business. Must be punctual, responsible, and a people person. Computer, organizational, and writing skills are a must. If you are interested in this position, please send resume and a paragraph or two about yourself and why you feel you are a good fit to

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cheap Monday Customized Jeans Tour Event at INVEN.TORY

See below for the pictures from last nights' INVEN.TORY opening party. Cheap Monday sold fifty pairs of their customized jeans, INVEN.TORY showed off their new space, and there was enough beer to make everyone happy. To view all sixty pictures, please view our Facebook page.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Rebecca Turbow Makes Safe Clothes

Manhattan based designer, Rebecca Turbow, knows a thing or two about being chic. Famous for donning monochromatic outfits (a few years ago it was all turquoise, now she has subtly gone for shades of grey), Turbow's Fall 09' collection is a pleasing array of sophisticated charcoals and black, done in smart shapes and adorable detailing. Turbow can't help but follow her family trade- having learned about fashion from her leather-smith father (whose own father was a furrier), Turbow learned to sew at a young age, and throughout highschool insisted on strictly wearing her own fashions. Coming a long way from her days of college clothing design, Turbow has maintained her mod aesthetic. While Turbow draws inspiration from her longtime idol, early 1960's "father of the space age" designer Andre Courreges, and finds new inspiration in Hussein Chalayan (the British/Turkish designer known for his modern architectural designs), she insists that it is really New York City that inspires her work. Her clothes have matured into a collection of pieces that are classy and sexy in the demurest of ways- suggestive cutouts on the shoulder of a dress, a collarbone exposing shift dress, and a feminine take on the boyfriend staples- soft t-shirts tucked into slim, high-waisted, cropped trousers. Using fabrics ordered from NYC's very own Garment District, Turbow dynamically combines cotton, wool, and silk for her Fall collection, creating sweet silhouettes with a gathered bubble skirt, waist defining dresses that can easily go from day to night, and unexpected but adorable petal aplicaes draped down the breast of a simple silk shirt. In a time when the world seems to be falling apart, and one has to stop and ask themselves if fashion is all that important right now, Turbow is confident in her career choice. "You can't feel bad about what you do. This is greater than me. It's what I was meant to do." Rebecca Turbow is being sold exclusively at Candy Store, Otte, and Pixie Market in New York.

The above was written by Haley Bell. For more information please check out

Idol Radec Spring '09 Collection

Idol Radec, well known for their hipster preppy menswear designs has launched their spring ’09 collection. Designers Scott Barclay, David Hickman, and Nick Thomas call their third collection “Black and Blue” and can only be described as retro. Superior fabrics and designs are pieced together to create a sophisticated and classic look with a modern twist. James Franco and Pharrell Williams are just two big namers who have been seen in Idol Radecs’ finest. Idol Radec can be purchased at Bloomingdales, Steven Alan, Douglas Fir, and American Rag. For more information on Idol Radec, check out the video below and visit their website here.

Monday, March 9, 2009

INVEN.TORY is hiring

INVEN.TORY is currently hiring for their newest location in the heart of Nolita. Full and part time positions are available for friendly, upbeat applicants who enjoy trendy clothing at wholesale prices. While experience is a plus, it is not mandatory, however you must be willing to learn. Must be punctual, responsible, and a people person. Candidates should have their own personal sense of style that fits with INVEN.TORYs’ image. INVEN.TORY has a great work atmosphere, as well as many perks for employees.

Located at 237 Lafayette street (between Prince and Spring streets), the prime location makes for an exciting job opportunity. To apply please send resume and current picture to

Friday, March 6, 2009

Lorick New York After Party at INVEN.TORY

Lorick’s Fashion Week after party, organized by A5E Productions, was held at INVEN.TORY’s newest (and unfinished) location. INVEN.TORY’s space, opening Monday, March 16th, had a very rough and industrial feel. The contrast with Loricks tailored and feminine designs, worn by graceful models, was drastic. Abigail Lorick, the beautiful model turned designer, is an image of femininity and elegance, which is translated into her designs. The collection, featuring large shapes, layers, and a variety of different textures, contained pieces that were overly simple yet beautifully detailed. Launched in 2007, her collection quickly gained recognition because of her feature on the hit show Gossip Girl. One of the main selling points of Lorick’s designs is that a woman can go from day to night while wearing one sophisticated and elegant style.

As shown in the below photographs, well-dressed guests mingled and sipped pink cocktails and bottles of 1947 Beer. A black painted bathtub filled with ice served as makeshift fridge, and DJ Errol mixed beats that kept the crowd partying until sunrise.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One-of-a-Kind Jeans for a One-of-a-Kind Price

Cheap Monday Customized Jeans Tour will be making a stop right here in New York City at INVEN.TORY on March 16th. Cheap Monday strongly believes in bringing the customer fun and trendy styles at amazing prices. Each pair of their custom jeans goes through an intense process involving sandpapering, punching, patching, sewing, and various treatments and washings.

The tour began in Stockholm in November 2008 where they sold the first fifty customized pairs of jeans (#1-50). Continuing on through Copenhagen, Berlin, and London, Cheap Monday has already sold 200 of their custom jeans. Numbers 201 through 250 will be available for sale at $70 per pair at INVEN.TORYs newest location, 237 Lafayette Street (between Prince and Spring Street) for the grand opening. Beginning at 7pm and ending at 10pm, the evening will be full of debuting, drinks, and of course, denim.

Please RSVP to by March 14th to attend. We look forward to seeing you there. Welcome!