Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Prepare to be Devotted

Shoes that are beautiful, comfortable, and affordably priced are such a rarity that when we found something this perfect, we knew we had to make them available at INVEN.TORY. Nancy Kim, the design force behind Devotte, believes in the importance of comfort, without sacrificing style when designing her beautifully crafted footwear. The New York City native knows the value of fashionable, wearable shoes that can easily be transitioned from day to night. Nancy was kind enough to answer some questions for INVEN.TORY about her designs, favorite trends, and what it feels like to be a Brooklyn-based designer. Stay tuned for pictures of Devottes’ newest collection and when it will be available exclusively at INVEN.TORY.

INVEN.TORY: How is it being a designer in Brooklyn? Does it give you any kind of advantage or do you feel more like a red-headed step child?

Nancy Kim: I think there are more advantages being Brooklyn based, there is so much going on here. I was born in Brooklyn and lived in Manhattan for many years before making the move back. It felt like I was discovering a new city. I have lived in San Francisco and London before coming back to what feels like home. In my opinion, NYC is the best city in the world.

Where do you do your production, local or overseas? Is this something that is important to you or not so much?

The production is done in Brazil and Portugal. This is important for shoe manufacturing as the quality is superior. Of course, if there are local artisans that can do the same quality and volume necessary, I would be open to supporting the local economy.

When did you start designing? Have you always designed footwear or have you designed anything else?

I started to design footwear about 5 years ago. I have designed ready to wear before that.

What kind of work did you do before prior to Devotte?

My background is primarily in sales and retail. It was a great education to interact with buyers and consumers before starting Devotte.

Designing footwear must be somewhat repetitive. Do you ever get sick of your designs?

I try to get inspiration from my surroundings and though it may seem repetitive, I try to make each design its own unique statement that weaves together style and wearability.

What was your inspiration for the spring/summer 09 collection?

The colors of Egypt with a touch of disco. Think Studio 54 meets King Tut.

Regarding your own design, what are you most proud of?

I am just grateful to be doing what I am doing.

Favorite trend right now?

Baggy trousers; they are comfortable and you can wear them with your heels or flats.

Where can your collection be found?

INVEN.TORY! You can also view the whole collection on


  1. love devottes! they are so wearable and can go easily from day to night.

  2. coolest shoes ever get a pair ASAP